The Central Professional Foundation & Institute was primarily established for the evidence based research of client work and examination of the feedback in training courses that employ spirituality in counselling & psychotherapy from a professional perspective, we also care about students and tutors, so consider this a pastoral duty of care, to all involved.

Accountability, Accreditation, Qualification and Assessments and Regulation.  We are able to offer Accreditation through research into the operations of Trainers and Training Courses in UK only.  We are a not-for-profit Limited Company.

We rely on donations to operate these accreditation services and we charge a moderate fee to all training organisations to cover the work that we do.  

ACCREDITATION FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS:  We welcome all enquiries for accreditation of training courses and therapists seeking accredited training (in the UK only).  We also encourage our NRHPCSC members to become fully Accredited Members of the CPFI.  The current cost of accreditation certification stand at £49.99 per year. 

Full Membership is currently set at £29.99 per year and Student Membership is set at only £14.99 per year.


Our Central Professional Foundation & Institute (CPFI) 'CTEC' Standards are 'CPFI Technical Education Certification'  levels. These Levels are set at an equivalency of the original NVQ National Vocational Standards in terms of levels of study.  

Examples: Within corporate independent business training courses that are non regulated generally, we hold these levels to aid people understand the standards they are expected to work at, on the various training courses to give a yardstick by which to measure students, or graduates, anticipated performance levels at each stage.

CTEC Level-1 is Introduction. CTEC Level-2 is Improver. CTEC Level-3 is Foundation Certificate. CTEC Level-4 is National Diploma Level. CTEC Level-5 is Higher National or Advanced Diploma. CTEC Level-6 is Degree Level. CTEC Level-7 is Post Graduate Level such as PG Certificate or PG Diploma levels. CTEC Level-8 is Postgraduate Diploma or Masters or Phd Level. 

The standards or levels shown up to Postgraduate levels are given, purely so that any individual may understand the level at which they need to work at, to pass (graduate) the relevant courses we accredit and it is not necessary to validate these by Higher Education Authorities, or a University.  This is purely for individuals to compare training levels, and does not require University validation within the profession, unless a person wishes to gain particular University Post Graduate Qualifications.  

For Example: The Accredited '2 Year Diploma' set at CTEC Level-4, is generally accepted as a basic counsellor qualification and will allow you to practice by taking the Final Examinations/Tests required to meet both CPFI or BACP regulation. You also have to meet industry standards regarding training of 250 hours of classroom work and 200 supervised client hours, as well as 50-100 hours of personal therapy requirements, to meet the criteria and it needs to be face-to-face classroom training, for at least 80% of the course.  And the Accredited 4 - Year Professional Diploma is set at CTEC Level-7 and is generally accepted throughout the profession as a valid mark of training at post graduate status, to confirm working at psychotherapist status, namely because you have to complete 450 hours of classroom work and 150 hours of personal therapy and complete 550 hours of supervised client work, and the relevant supervision included, to pass at these levels.

Insurance Public Liability also validates client work with the general public, so we are convinced you are not impeded by status of any Higher Education Authorities.

We have no concern  that a person will be offered the opportunity to study further at University if they are able to demonstrate these Diploma levels gained on courses we have accredited. There are no guarantees and the student will need to demonstrated they are able to study at the level required at any other Uni or College.  

The CPFI has also established a separate department developing and operating a Membership Roll specifically for its professional members and other professionals around the Country.  The organisation is called the National Register of Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists,Counsellors & Student Counsellors (NRHPCSC).     

National Register of Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists,Counsellors and Student Counsellors (NRHPCSC).     

This membership facility and roll is primarily established for members of the Mental Health and caring professions only.    The Roll established through the NRHPCSC offers an advertised membership as a department of the CPFI  and is open to all other principal teaching establishments, and all recognised graduates and students in the counselling & psychotherapy field, etc.   Students of other Colleges and Uni's are also invited to join as professional members.  

There is a need to do in-house checks and balances. We also check and assess the hard copy, or digital records, bookwork methods and teaching styles, in keeping with higher education teaching requirements in today's financially driven and blame culture environment and modern expanding trends. This research is achieved via paperwork trails and there are subsequent research opportunities. There is a need to also fund our own administration costs and the expenses of our executive staff and volunteers expenses to support and offer this service.  

Submissions: Any request for details, of a member / student member, will need to be submitted in writing to the local office address and a waiting time of 28 days can be expected for a reply.  Please be aware of this prior to any further attempt to contact us for more information, as this will not be forthcoming within this 28 day time period.

Offices are in Central England.   This Pastoral Foundation will only accept written emailed correspondence due to the work that we do. in the field of research in client work and attendance at various organisations to assess training courses, at any given time.  Our work is carried out to the highest standards of professional, business and moral ethics. 

This Foundation & Institute is dedicated to offer research based training and accreditation to the Transpersonal, schools and specifically Convergence Spiritual & Psychotherapy Disciplines, Sciences and or Professions.  We further determine to attempt to make training easier to access financially and personal therapy safer.  We also offer accreditation to any institute that can demonstrate professionalism and work and training ethics to our normal high standards. Please ask for further details.

The National Register of Hypnotherapists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors & Student Counsellors (NRHPCSC), is a separate department of the CPFI which offers a separate Membership Roll of professionals to belong to as an initial validating digital organisation to both advertise your services and inclusion with peers for regulating office for the sake of further credibility.