Retired Managing Consultant for the CPFI - Rachel Evenden

Rachel seen in the photo above showing an Pride in MK  'Finalist' award for one of our accredited companies - Convergence College.

We take this opportunity to thank Rachel for her diligence in seeking the best for the CPFI and supporting the NEWSTART Service and Convergence College of Psychotherapy previously, as seen in the picture above. With all of our 'Best Wishes' for you Rachel !

The following new companies or organisations listed below have been granted some form of Accreditation or Registration from the CPFI for their excellent training courses:

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Latest New Companies or Organisations celebrating Accreditation or Registration in UK:

Established in UK in January  2016.


Incorporated as a Community Interest Company in 2011. The NEWSTART Free Drop-In & Counselling Service in Milton Keynes - Formerly The BUS-STOP.


Established in November 2017. Trauma Care Team International Therapy Support Services.


Established in April 2017 - Convergence Counselling Services London - Agency (CCSL).


'Counselling Books' - The bookshop for New and Secondhand Books - self help and mental health books.