Who we are
The Central Professional Foundation & Institute is a group co-operative research body which was set up to form a simply Professional yet caring (also Pastoral - meaning in this context, as spiritual care, or oversight and mentoring and educational facility) The wider 'Holistic' establishment with solid ethical values a (Foundation) and Research Institute (evidenced based) to build a regulating Centre in the field of Spirituality and Psychotherapy integration.

We are also offering full assessments and to offer an Accreditation and regulatory body, for therapists, training institutions, supervisors, for secular and any faith disciplines. Specifically for educational and Mental Health professionals, leaders, also within Pastoral / Spiritual (transpersonal) Faith based and specifically for Counselling and Psychotherapy disciplines, providing reliability and trust in these areas for those who would avail themselves of our services.

Our diversified range of accreditation continues to grow by dedicated staff, many of whom are volunteers, following modern trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer to pursue excellence in the work that we do.

Rachel Evenden is now a full time lecturer at Northampton University and is therefore no longer heading up the CPFI 

Rachel has stepped down as the existing Managing Consultant, speciality heading up the CPFI research department.

We are very grateful for Rachel's valued input in past years. Rachel is an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (MSc, Dip, BSc, Accredited by the CPFI and is a member of the BACP). Currently Rachel works as a lecturer, teaching undergraduate psychology students at The University of Northampton (UoN). She is developing her career with our blessing and will gain further experience within the fields of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Education. Rachel has also studied at Convergence College of Psychotherapy to CTEC Level-5 standard and helped teach Foundation students. She also worked as a volunteer counsellor at the NEWSTART Service t/a BUS-STOP Drop-In & Counselling service limited, based in Milton Keynes, offering crisis, short-term and longer-term counselling.

The CPFI unique accreditation service has established our place in this professional industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Our desire is to make the counselling arena safer for both students and clients and to empower trainers and training colleges.

Come on a research journey with us that we may do good in our society together.