The formal objects of the CPFI, as set out in its membership and articles of association, are as follows:

Object 1: Research

"To promote research into the spiritual and natural needs of human nature and how the health of persons suffering mental illness of any kind can be improved and to publish the results of such research."

How? Particular emphasis will be placed on, but not limited to, understanding what happens when fundamental emotional needs are not met in people and the consequent emotional arousal - anxiety, anger, depression, addictive behaviours and even psychotic behaviour - that leads to a breakdown in normal functioning at home, at work and at school. We will encourage and train individuals in the human givens approach, particularly in the mental health and education fields. Through our already established network of trained teachers and psychotherapists, we will continue to research and publish our findings in the field in journals, within NHS and private hospitals, schools, and continue to give public seminars and workshops covering topical mental health issues and the associated human givens approach to treatment. We will also liaise with research departments in teaching hospitals and universities and with the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) to organise independent assessments of the human givens approach.

Object 2: Alleviation of suffering

"The relief of persons suffering from mental illness by providing, or assisting in the provision of, facilities, equipment and/or services for the care of persons suffering from mental illness of any description; to support projects aimed at improving mental health and/or the treatment of mental illness."

How? To build, buy or lease suitable premises for a teaching hospital or hospitals to further our own research. To recruit and train suitable therapists, administrative and other staff for the hospital(s), and to promote the concept that caring for people is best done by working with Convergence to gain a balance in all things.

Object 3: Education

"To advance the education of the public in mental health care by the provision of lectures, and for the publication of newsletters and other means; to support projects aimed at improving children's education by including the Convergence Psychotherapy perspective."

How? Publish materials, participate in seminars and workshops, sponsor classrooms, increase awareness through the media, specifically the national press and TV/radio, and work with headteachers, initially in private schools centred on disturbed, mentally ill or handicapped children.


•             To develop model schools and classrooms to teach children in alignment with the Convergence model of Soul, Body and Spirit;

•             To set up projects that encourage business and public institutions to be more practical, humane and effective by becoming imbued with Convergence principles;

•             To set up projects to work with addicts and criminals using the Convergence Psychotherapy methods and approach.

All these prototype ventures will stand as examples of better ways of doing things. They will be monitored for effectiveness alongside conventional approaches. Results of research into Convergence will be published for wider use.