The Central Professional Foundation & Institute (CPFI) is both a membership organisation, open to those wishing to support and promote the ‘Convergence’ approach, through all forms of psychological, spiritual, educational and social interactions, and the professional body representing the interests of those in the caring, spiritual and teaching professions who work in alignment with the best scientific knowledge available about the convergence of Soul, Body and Spirit within human nature. 

It is therefore also functioning as an corporate accrediting body, mainly, in the various Counselling and Psychotherapy training facilities available and necessarily to police the membership. It will thereby also safeguard the general public to some greater or lesser degree, functioning also, as an accrediting and regulatory organisation to its membership.

Thousands of people in the UK and abroad recognise that the organising ideas summed up in the phrase 'professionals in service' have enormous, beneficial implications for education, mental health, social order and the world of business, politics and diplomacy. 

The professional approach enables people to think more clearly about a wide range of social issues to do with the running of society and the future and physical survival of our species, including how we bring up children to live in a rapidly changing environment.

This professional section is the premier UK body concerned with effective counselling and psychotherapy.  It advances all aspects of Convergence Psychotherapeutic practice, including standards, CPD and the ethical behaviour of members.

The Central Professional Foundation & Institute (CPFI) also serve the professions and the general community through our secular and objective Accreditation service, established for undergraduate / postgraduate level holistic training courses.  We are established for several reasons and not least with our safeguarding policies for the general public. 

  • We bring a concern to the field culminating in an assessment of the pastoral caring presence in client work, which ensures client's are cared for professionally and truly empowered through therapeutic interventions.
  • We fully support the spiritual and the pastoral disciplines being integrated into the various training arenas, which attempt to integrate both elements within Psychotherapy schools of thought, without apology
  • We fully support the desire to see equality in cost effective training which will seek to offer the poorer persons of society an opportunity to access.
  • We cover all aspects of accreditation for Holistic Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Supervision training course.
  • We also Assess and Register organisations who meet our criteria for competency in the training courses that they offer. 
  • As an Institute we also offer practice and evidence based research and appropriate feedback to continually assess the effectiveness from both training organisations and individual therapist's aspects in the caring disciplines outlined previously above.

Therefore we are objective in research and assessment techniques and ever ready to assess and offer professional accreditation to qualify training organisations, trainers and those successfully being trained; and all within the inclusive disciplines where Mental Health, Spirituality and Psychotherapy converge. 

ACCREDITATION FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS:  We welcome all enquiries for accreditation of organisations, including church leaders, teachers, the directors of training courses and individual therapists seeking accredited training (in the UK only).  We also encourage our NRHPCSC members to become fully Accredited Members of the CPFI.  The current cost of accreditation certification stand at only £49.99 per year, (for students it is only £14.99) which offers credibility on a professional level.

We also try to follow and agree, wherever possible, with the current guidelines of the other regulatory organisations (though this might change as the rules and regulations in some of these other establishments appear to change rapidly at will.  

Some of the organisations spoken of, which some have come to put their faith in, will often change their rules and make major decisions that affect us all indirectly, as professionals, without seeking wider consensus (almost as a Law unto themselves) or attempt to find any agreement with others in the industry (outside of their own memberships) such as, many independent professional individuals/organisations in the general caring professions, the counselling or professional psychotherapy markets or independent higher education institutes or community interest companies, and in so doing do not take in the vast experiences and functioning (or their views as a whole) of others mentioned, for example, on matters of ethical care for clients and impending regulation itself.  

Another example being the thrust upon some organisation's membership are beliefs by one organisation that we have to accept there is no difference between; the many specialised areas such as a Counsellor; General Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Brief Solution Therapist or a Fully Trained Psychotherapist or Psychotraumatist, to name but just one issue, lending cause for disagreement about the amalgamation of these disciplines for simplicity sake.  Unfortunately many have already undergone much more in depth training over many years to claim the difference in the professional title of Psychotherapist, over the limited training as a simple counsellor. just as one example.  We welcome the latest news of the discussions between the BACP, UKCP  and BPS particularly in this area to attempt to distinguish between the various professional demarcation lines of their various disciplines and status issues.

Another example would be the current naming and shaming behaviour of some establishments, which is in our view highly damaging to individuals and the industry/profession as  whole, we have no desire to 'air our dirty washing in the public arena'.   It is in our view unconscionable to damage the future work of people who may have made a mistake and trying to build private practices in this way. Surely, we do not need to encourage this blame culture to survive and shoot its wounded. This is more akin to terrorist IS dealings, than professionals offering real human caring standards and treatments to its members. 

The CPFI will nevertheless attempt to uphold government and Nice guidelines, along with the BACP,  UKCP, CPACB,  UKAPT,  BPS, NCS, NHS, NRAH, NRHPCSC, etc, to name but some of the other regulatory bodies and we will obviously comply with the future government and further subsequent regulatory bodies (so long as they stand for the human rights of our professionals in their caring roles and continued learning experiences) which are instituted within the professional industries within England, Ireland, Wales & Scotland at this time of writing. 

The Central Professional Foundation & Institute (CPFI) is dedicated to offer research based training and accreditation to the Spiritual & Psychotherapy Disciplines, Sciences and or Professions.  We further determine to make training easier to access and personal therapy safer.